Quaker Worship & Spirituality

The true light, which enlightens everyone, [is] coming into the world.  ~ John 1:9

The Light

The core of Quaker spirituality lies in turning toward the Light within each of us, the Light of Christ, that of God within us, the Spirit—we name it in different ways, but we share the same experience:

that each of us can commune with God directly, inwardly, without any mediating persons, books, or rituals.

The Light within us can guide us, heal us, forgive us, awaken us, inspire us, make us more whole and fulfilled, and call us into service or ministry on behalf of Love and Truth.


Community is essential to our spiritual lives—we are here to support each other in the life of the Spirit.


In our hour-long worship, we begin in silence, allowing time to settle into a deep, centered space. We wait expectantly on the Divine, opening ourselves to the Spirit. Some may be moved to speak, sharing messages led by the Spirit. And at times we are deeply gathered into the Presence.

Join Us — Sunday at 11am 1501 Cherry St, Philadelphia, PA 19102

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