Peace and Social Concerns Committee

Peace and Social Concerns Committee (PSCC) is a very active, socially-engaged group of people who work together to address some of the most pressing issues of our time, particularly those of interest to committee members.

Current areas of concern include:

  • Climate Crisis and Environmental Justice
  • Voting Rights and Voter Suppression
  • Middle East Conflict
  • Female Reproductive Rights
  • Nuclear Proliferation and Risk Reduction
  • Gun violence

The Committee's charge

The Peace and Social Concerns Committee (PSCC) provides advice and support to the meeting on issues of peace and social justice. It also encourages members and attenders to participate in the work for social change of larger Quaker groups or other bodies, or to independently pursue leadings to social actions consistent with Friends’ testimonies.

Download a pdf of the full document, Peace & Social Concerns Committee Charge.

Minutes of Conscience*

  • Minute on Mass Incarceration
  • Minute on Public Banking in Philadelphia
  • Minute
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