Community Life

“Our life is love, and peace, and tenderness; but praying one for another, and helping one another up with a tender hand."  ~ Isaac Pennington, 1667

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If you seek a community that strives for true, equal, and loving fellowship in the Spirit;

if you want to raise your family in a safe community where your kids can connect with their own Inner Guide, grow into their true and higher selves, and learn values that align with your own;

we hope you will find with us a sense of home and belonging.

We warmly invite into our fellowship folks of all races, social circumstances, sexual orientations, gender identities, and spiritual temperaments.

Families and children

We welcome families with children!

Visit our Families & Children page and our page on Religious Education for Children to learn more about our childcare and youth religious education.

Social hour

Every Sunday after meeting for worship, the community gathers for refreshments and a time of socializing.

Special topic gatherings. Sometimes during this social time, one of our committees will host a gathering in a side room on a particular topic.

Chat and Chew. Our Membership Care Committee occasionally hosts a Chat and Chew, in which cards with topics for discussion are scattered on tables in the social room, and folks are invited to discuss the topic as they eat their refreshments.

Hymn singing. Often Friends gather around a piano to sing hymns for a while before meeting for worship.

Other Community events

The meeting also organizes other gatherings throughout the year designed to nurture the meeting’s fellowship. Historically, this has included:

  • Game Night, when Friends gather to play games and have fun several times a year.
  • Twelfth Month Dinner, a holiday potluck in December.
  • Meeting Weekend, a family-oriented weekend meeting retreat.
  • Spring Picnic, held annually at the meeting’s burial ground.
  • Quaker 8s, informal gatherings of eight people at members’ homes for some refreshment and socializing.
  • Other Events get organized, too.


Having no paid pastor, we manage the meeting’s affairs through committees.

Our committees. Click this link to go to a page that lists our committees.

Membership Care Committee is the committee that provides pastoral care to our members and attenders and seeks to nurture community life in other ways.


We do not have a theological litmus test for becoming a member and we do not baptize. Instead, a small group visits the applicant and we share questions and stories until all are clear that membership in the meeting is right for both.

Learn more. Click this link to go to our Membership page and learn more about what membership means to us and how to apply.

Conflict in the Meeting

In any community, conflict will sometimes arise between members and/or between members and the meeting. Notwithstanding these occasional difficulties, we are usually a loving and caring community, and we want to use that love and care to heal any differences that may come up.

Please visit our page on Conflict in the Meeting to learn more about our approach.

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