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If you've been with us for a while—or it's love at first sight—and you wonder whether formal membership is right for you, this page offers an invitation, links to further resources on membership, and a brief description of how to apply.

We don't have a theological litmus test for membership and we don't baptize. Instead, we seek to be clear that membership is right for both you and us.

And welcome!

We seek to be a welcoming community to all people regardless of their race or ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, or social situation, and we invite you to worship with us and to participate in our community life, whether you are members or not.

Discover the Benefits of Membership:

Spiritual Home: Membership fosters a sense of wholeness and belonging.

Community: We seek to become members of one another in a fellowship of the Spirit.

Spiritual Nurture: We seek to support each other in the life of the spirit with genuine care for each other.

Living in the World: We try to provide a spiritual foundation for your efforts toward right living, raising a family, and mending the world we live in.

Reality Check: We're not perfect, of course. But we constantly strive to become more loving, more compassionate, and more welcoming to all.

Joy: Meanwhile, we have a lot of fun, we laugh a lot, and we know real joy in each other's presence.

Becoming a Member

Talk to someone about membership: This is the best way to learn about membership in our meeting. Look for somebody after worship or contact the meeting office.

What membership means: Read our description of what membership in our meeting means. Download it here: On Being a Member of Central Philadelphia Meeting.

Follow the Guide to Becoming a Member: If you do feel called to join, check out our step-by-step Guide to Becoming a Member.

Changing Your Membership Status

Please email or call us if you want to change your membership status—

  • if you are moving or for some other reason you want to transfer your membership to anothe rmeeting;
  • if you will be staying with us for a while but expect to return to your home meeting after a time, and you want to become a "sojourning" member; or
  • you wish to terminate your membership.

Membership Resources

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