Stands We've Taken

Our Minutes of Conscience

Click on the links below to download pdf files of our minutes of conscience.

Minute on a Ceasefire in Israel/Palestine

Approved 2-11-2024

Minute on Mass Incarceration

Approved 5-14-2017

Minute on Fair Trade

Approved 2018

About Minutes of Conscience

Minutes of conscience, often called witness minutes, are statements expressing the meeting's stand regarding some social concern as approved by the body of the meeting during a meeting for worship with concern for the meeting's affairs.

Usually, these minutes begin as a leading some Friend has regarding a concern, and which they've brought to a committee (often the Peace and Social Concerns Committee) for seasoning, or sometimes to the meeting as a whole.

If the Committee or the meeting as a whole agree to take up the matter, a draft minute is written and labored over, and brought eventually to the meeting for worship with attention to the meeting's affairs.

Then those gathered discern whether they are in unity with its message. If so, then the minute is approved.

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