Membership Care Committee

About Membership Care Committee

Membership in the meeting: If you just want to know about membership in the meeting, here's a quick link.

The Committee: Membership Care Committee seeks to nurture the community life of the meeting in the following ways. The headings below have links to web pages that address these topics more fully.

  • Membership. About the joys and responsibilities of membership in the meeting and how the committee responds to applications for membership and other changes in membership status.
  • Pastoral careAbout how the committee provides pastoral care of the meeting’s members, families, and attenders in matters regarding both our outward lives and our inward spiritual lives.
  • Marriage. About marriage, how the committee responds to requests from couples seeking marriage under the care of the meeting, and the unique character of the Quaker wedding.
  • Nurturing community life
    • Fellowship. About the events and occasions that that the committee organizes to foster fellowship in the community.
    • Conflict. About how the committee responds to conflicts when they arise between members or between members and the meeting.

Committee Documents

Link to Membership Care Committee's charge—describes the constitution of the committee and its responsibilities.

Link to the Committee's Handbook—a guide to how the Committee pursues its responsibilities (under revision).

Link to a sample Friendly Care Person letter—a letter from the MCC clerk to a member to tell them who their Friendly Care Person is. (This page requires registering with the website and logging in to your account.)

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