A Warm Invitation to Newcomers


Greetings and welcome to Central Philadelphia Quaker Meeting! We are delighted to acquaint you with our meeting and the Quaker way. Want to know more? Email or call our office:

Contact Information

  • Email: office[at]cpmm[dot]org
  • Phone: 215-241-7260

Central Philadelphia Meeting

Welcome LGBTQ+

We invite folks of all races, social circumstances, sexual orientations, and gender identities to join us for worship every Sunday at 11:00 am, and to share in our community life.

Get to know us

We hope you stay after the meeting for worship for a social time and refreshments, and occasional programs that last until 2:30 pm. Or join our worship by Zoom.

Learn more. Visit our About Us web page for the Zoom link and more information.

  • Location: 1501 Cherry St. Philadelphia, PA 19102.
  • Business Meetings: Held usually every 2nd Sunday at 1:00 pm (a great way to get to know us better).
  • Parking and Transit: Details here.

Welcome to Our Worship

Our worship lasts about an hour. Instead of hymns, Bible readings, and a prepared sermon, we worship in silent expectation of the Spirit. During this sacred time, some folks may feel prompted by the Spirit to stand and speak.

  • More about Quaker worship: visit our Worship web page.
  • Hybrid Worship: Join us via Zoom for virtual worship.

    What Do We Believe?

    Here's a very brief overview. We welcome personal conversations to explore these essentials more deeply.

    • The Light Within: Commune directly with the Divine through the Light within.
    • The Gathered Meeting: Experience collective communion with the Divine as a worshipping community.
    • Continuing Revelation: Embrace the ongoing presence of the Spirit for healing, renewal, inspiration, and guidance.
    • "Let Your Life Speak": Live outwardly in accordance with inward truths and testimonies.
    • The Commandment of Love: Love God, love one another, even love your enemies.
    • Direct Experience: Base beliefs on personal experiences while respecting the testimony of others and the legacy of our tradition.
    • And more: Visit our  About Us page to learn more about the Quaker way.

      We invite you to join us in worship and fellowship. May your journey with Central Philadelphia Quaker Meeting be enriching and spiritually fulfilling.

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