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Nurturing Peace, Justice, and Sustainability

Quakers carry a rich history of dedicated efforts to improve the world, and our meeting remains committed to the pursuit of a more peaceful, just, and sustainable society. Concurrently, we acknowledge with regret that the challenge persists in disentangling ourselves from the legacies of privilege woven into our past. In this ongoing struggle, we actively enlist the aid of the Holy Spirit to foster healing and integrity within our community. Our mission extends beyond self-reflection; we aim to apply our faith values towards contributing to the broader healing of the world.

A Legacy of Dedication

Quakers have long been at the forefront of societal change, champions of peace, justice, and sustainability. Our commitment to these principles is not a mere historical footnote but a living testament to the enduring spirit of the Quaker community. In the face of contemporary challenges, our meeting remains dedicated to the Quaker mission—grounded in faith, driven by compassion.

Acknowledging Legacies of Privilege

With open hearts and discerning minds, we acknowledge the complexities that come with our history. We confront the uncomfortable truths and legacies of privilege that linger, recognizing that dismantling these structures requires intentional effort and unwavering commitment. Our journey toward justice demands self-reflection, accountability, and a sincere dedication to dismantling systems that perpetuate inequality.

Enlisting the Holy Spirit in Our Struggle

In this ongoing struggle, we actively enlist the aid of the Holy Spirit—a guiding force that infuses our community with healing and integrity. It is through the transformative power of the Spirit that we navigate the challenges posed by our past, seeking reconciliation and forging a path toward a more just and equitable future.

A Faith-Fueled Mission

Our mission extends beyond the walls of self-reflection. We strive to apply our faith values in tangible ways, contributing to the broader healing of the world. Grounded in the Quaker tradition, we recognize that true faith demands action. Whether it's advocating for peace, standing for justice, or championing sustainability, our commitment is unwavering.

A Call to Collective Action

As members of the Quaker community, we recognize that the pursuit of a more peaceful, just, and sustainable society is a collective endeavor. It calls for collaboration, dialogue, and a shared commitment to the principles that define our faith. Together, we navigate the complexities of our past, acknowledging the legacies that shape us while actively working toward a future guided by justice, equality, and compassion.

In the spirit of our Quaker legacy, let us stand united, seeking the Light that illuminates our path. May our actions reflect the enduring values of our faith as we strive to contribute to a world where peace, justice, and sustainability flourish.

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