More About Our Community

Families and Children

Families with children are a cherished part of our community. Explore our Families & Children page and discover resources on Religious Education tailored for the young ones.

Social Hour

Join us every Sunday after meeting for worship in the Cherry Street Room, just across the hall from the meeting room. This casual gathering offers refreshments and a chance to socialize. Announcements are made during this time, and occasionally, special topic gatherings hosted by our committees take place in the side rooms off the Cherry Street Room.

Chat and Chew

Experience our "Chat and Chew" event hosted by the Membership Care Committee. Engage in discussions on topics spread across tables in the Cherry Street Room, combining thoughtful conversation with refreshments.

Fellowship Events

The Membership Care Committee orchestrates various gatherings throughout the year, fostering fellowship within our community. Historically, these events have included:

  • Twelfth Month Dinner: A festive holiday potluck in December.
  • Meeting Weekend: A family-oriented weekend retreat.
  • Spring Picnic: An annual gathering held at the meeting’s burial ground.
  • Quaker 8s: Informal gatherings of eight people at members' homes for refreshment and socializing.


The Membership Care Committee takes on the crucial role of providing pastoral care to our members and attenders. Additionally, it actively works towards nurturing community life in various ways.

Conflict Resolution

In the ebb and flow of community life, conflicts may arise. Central Philadelphia Quaker Meeting is committed to approaching such challenges with love and care. The Membership Care Committee serves as a resource for addressing conflicts, providing a platform for individuals to voice concerns and work together towards healing. We believe that, in the spirit of love, we can overcome differences. While separation is sometimes necessary, our community is dedicated to nurturing fellowship. The Membership Care Committee takes seriously its responsibility to protect the well-being of the community and address conflicts with tenderness and integrity. If you have concerns, we encourage you to reach out and engage with us in this process.

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