Our Approach to Pastoral Care

What is Pastoral Care?

Pastoral care, in the context of our Quaker community, is a commitment to being present for one another during the highs and lows of life. Whether you're navigating a crucial decision, experiencing a shift in your spiritual journey, or simply in need of a listening ear, the Membership Care Committee is here to offer support and understanding.

How Can We Help?

The spectrum of pastoral care at Central Philadelphia Quaker Meeting is vast and inclusive. Our aim is to provide assistance and support in various aspects of your life, including:

  • Decision-making processes
  • Spiritual transformations and inward prompts
  • Relationship challenges within the meeting or beyond
  • Marriage decisions
  • End-of-life preparations
  • A listening ear for any aspect of life

Our Approach to Pastoral Care

At Central Philadelphia Quaker Meeting, we don't rely on a professional priest or minister for pastoral care. Instead, we are a community that looks out for one another. The Membership Care Committee, comprised of dedicated individuals with spiritual gifts for service, coordinates and facilitates this care.

While some committee members may have formal training in social work or counseling, all are united by their sense of calling to this important work. In instances where professional care is deemed necessary, we assist our members in finding the support they need.

How to Access Pastoral Care

Each member of the Central Philadelphia Quaker Meeting is assigned a pastoral care contact person within the Membership Care Committee. These individuals reach out periodically and are available at any time for conversation and support. If you are unsure about your designated contact person, please click here to reach out to the meeting office.

While our system isn't flawless, our commitment to being there for one another is unwavering. Your well-being is our priority.

Clearness Committees: A Quaker Approach to Peer Support

Quakers have developed a powerful tool for peer-to-peer pastoral care called a clearness committee. These gatherings blend waiting worship, spirit-led questions, deep listening, and loving reflection. If you're curious about clearness committees or wish to explore their potential, feel free to ask someone within our community.

At Central Philadelphia Quaker Meeting, pastoral care is a collective journey. We invite you to lean on the strength of our community, to share your burdens, and to find solace in the interconnectedness of our spiritual family. Together, we navigate the waters of life, offering support and love along the way.

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