Real Spiritual Communion?

If you yearn for direct and personal experience of the Divine and seek a form of worship that offers real Divine communion beyond rote words or rehearssed rituals, we hope you find a home with us.

The Light within

The essential belief of Quakers, born of our own direct experience, is that within each of us is a Light that can heal us, renew us, strengthen us against temptation and life's hardships, guide us on our walk through life, awaken us to our true and higher selves, and bond us to God and to each other in love. For this communion, we need no mediating persons or rituals. 

We name this Light the Light of Christ, the Inner Light, that of God within us, and in a host of other ways—however each of us has come to know it.

The gathered meeting

Just as each of us can know God directly as individuals, so also the community—as a worshipping community—can come directly into the Spirit's presence in worship. We often find ourselves gathered into a shared sense of peace in worship. And every once in a while, we go deeper—we can feel the Holy Spirit working within us and among us, connecting us to each other and to a transcendental Presence in our midst. We call this the gathered or covered meeting.

Quaker ministry

Quaker spirituality is a listening spirituality—listening to the voice within us that can guide us on life's journey. Sometimes this voice calls us to some specific service, some ministry. The signature form of such a calling is vocal ministry in which we bring a Spirit-led message to the meeting for worship. 

But it can also be a calling to some other work within the meeting or in the world on behalf of peace, justice, love or compassion. Thus, true communion can face both inward toward our Source and outward in some service.

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